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Lewis Hamilton surprises everyone by winning the Hungarian Grand Prix on pole

  • First pole of the campaign for a Brit after an incredible lap
  • Lando Norris finished third, followed by Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton was eventually rewarded with relief and a special occasion that brought him full circle after what must have felt like an unending dry spell.

A sobering reminder of what a wonderful driver he is, the crowd responded with roars of delight as the Briton’s beaming smile positively illuminated the Hungaroring. Taking pole for the Hungarian Grand Prix was something unique for the Briton.

Since winning the race in Saudi Arabia in 2021, Hamilton has not won the pole position. Since he won his maiden pole in Montreal in 2007, the interim has been a barren period for him, the longest of his career. He has been battling stubborn vehicles while also seeing Max Verstappen and Red Bull easily win the championship.

It’s understandable why the 38-year-old let out a guttural shout to race engineer Peter “Bono” Bonnington after crossing the finish line.

Hamilton said, “I’ve lost my voice from shouting so much, it’s amazing, that feeling.” “It seems like the first time, yet we’ve worked so hard and pushed so hard during this period to get a pole.

After having a difficult season with the Mercedes, Hamilton came through with an exceptional performance to edge out Verstappen of the Red Bull for second place by barely three thousandths of a second.

Like the wait for a win, it was undoubtedly longer than he had anticipated. Since Hamilton last occupied the highest position in Britain, there have been three prime ministers and two queens, but this is by far his finest opportunity. On the Hungaroring, passing can be challenging, and Mercedes has shown excellent racing performance. If he can maintain the lead, an epic battle with Verstappen may be in store.

I’ve always believed that if we work hard and do it the correct way, we’ll succeed, he added. It was only a matter of how long it would take.

The veteran was as fired up as ever, so there was no doubt that he had plenty of ambition and passion. When asked if he was anxious to win, he responded, “Just imagine.

I still have the same enthusiasm I did when I won my maiden grand prix in Montreal in 2007.

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