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How to screenshot on Samsung ?

On the majority of Samsung smartphones, you can utilize a combination of physical buttons to snap a screenshot. Depending on the specific Samsung model and software version, the precise process may vary significantly, but in general, it entails pushing a few buttons at once. How to take a screenshot on a Samsung mobile is as follows:

Hardware Button Use:

On your Samsung device, find the buttons. Usually, the Power button and Volume Down button are combined.
Launch the program or screen you want to capture.

The majority of Samsung devices:

Hold down both the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time, either on the right or left side of the device, respectively.

Regarding several older Samsung gadgets:

At the same time, press and hold the Home button (found in the bottom-center of the front bezel) and the Power button.
Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note line:

When appropriate, simultaneously press and hold the S Pen button and the Power button. Next, use the S Pen to tap the screen.

Using the palm-swiping gesture on some devices

Make sure your Samsung device has the Palm Swipe Gesture feature turned on. Visit Settings > Advanced features > Motions & gestures > Palm swipe to capture (or a comparable option, depending on the device model) to verify or enable it.

After the feature has been turned on, you can take a screenshot by swiping your hand’s edge across the screen horizontally in either the right or left direction.

Making Use of the S Pen (For the Samsung Galaxy Note Series):

You can take a screenshot using the S Pen Air Command menu if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note series handset with a S Pen. Simply take the S Pen out of the slot.

You ought to see a little animation or hear a sound when the screenshot has been successfully taken letting you know it has been saved. Your screenshots are accessible through the Gallery app or the Screenshots folder.

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